Seal Coating Service

As professionals, we know that the best way to apply the sealing is after the asphalt was applied and cured. Proper timing is critical since acting too early or too late will surely provide negative results. We also clean the area using sweepers and power brooms to remove loose material and debris. Necessary repairs are also performed on old asphalt pavement before our high-grade sealant is applied. A properly sealed asphalt surface can last longer than one which was not, so it’s vital that you hire experienced professionals for this particular task.

Knowing when and how to apply seal coat is one thing; using the right one is another. Fortunately for our clients, seal coating asphalt is one of our areas of expertise so they’re assured of the best results from our work.

Accordingly, we use only premium seal coating consists of a mixture of emulsified asphalt, water, mineral fillers, and various other admixtures.


Sealing asphalt surfaces should only be handled by certified professionals to guarantee optimum results that you will enjoy for years. At SBI, you can rely on us for any seal coating job for any project that you have for your residential or commercial property. Whether we’re talking here of driveways, parking lots, garages, pool decks, or pedestrian lanes, rest assured that we know just what to do.

As specialists and experienced in seal coating asphalt, we can guarantee you work done right the first time. We can also complete projects on time because of our modern tools and equipment. Our partnerships with trusted suppliers, meanwhile, guarantees clients that only industry-approved seal coat materials will be used in their asphalt surfaces.