Parking Lot Repairs

A clean, well maintained parking lot makes your customers, clients, and tenants, feel safe and confident when they park on your commercial property. Whether you need a minor pot hole repaired or an entire parking lot resurfaced SBI has the professional tools and resources to make sure your parking lot gives your customers the best first impression.

Parking Lot Repair Services Include:

  • Patch Repair

  • Sign Repairs & installations

  • Asphalt Repairs

  • Sidewalk Repairs (Grinding)

  • Parking Bumpers

  • Replace and repair Parking Blocks

  • Pot Hole Repair

  • Resurfacing and Restriping

  • Old paint removal

  • Curb painting


Every dollar spent on asphalt maintenance now will save up to 5 times as much in repairs and replacement over the life of your driveway or parking lot. SBI suggests that you reseal and restripe your asphalt at least every two to three years, to ensure adequate protection from the elements and to prevent potholes and cracks in the surface. When an asphalt driveway begins to turn gray, it indicates oxidation of the asphalt and weathering by sun, rain and freezing