Striping Service

Paved areas such as commercial parking lots, driveways, pathways, and pedestrian lanes need line striping to guide vehicle and foot traffic. It also adds a degree of safety in such a way that incoming and outgoing vehicles know exactly where marked crosswalks are and if they are already veering away from their lane. When it comes to marking paved surfaces using paint striping machines, SBI is one of the best you will find in the state of California.

We first survey the work area to mark where line stripes will be put. We then place temporary markings (usually white in color) where the final stripes will be placed to serve as our guides. Finally, using only state of the art line painting machine, we then put the required line stripes along the marked areas. We just repeat this process in our projects since this is the one we find the simplest, yet most effective.

Meanwhile, we have different line painting machines for various purposes and depending on the need of the clients or the requirements of the area. All our machines come from the best brands with proven results, so we are more than confident with the quality of our work and the speed with which we complete our line striping projects.


When it comes to line striping projects for residential and commercial areas, no other company does it better than SBI.

We have worked on numerous asphalt and concrete surfaces before so you’re guaranteed the best results no matter which of these surfaces you have. We likewise have a fleet of line painting machines that we use for projects with different specifications and target results. Our people are also trained and experienced to handle every imaginable line striping task – from simple crosswalks to more complex commercial parking lots. We also only create line stripes and parking lot layouts based on specifications set by the ADA and other government agencies. Best of all, our rates are highly affordable.

If you wish to have a property that is safe, efficient in terms of vehicle and foot traffic, and visually appealing, contact us today.