Handicap Striping Service

There are certain stenciling and colors which are required for parking spaces and handicapped stalls. If you would like to discuss your requirements and ask for our advice regarding compliance with the appropriate guidelines, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

If you are trying to ensure that your parking lot meets handicap compliance and aren’t sure who to turn to, we can help. At SBI,¬†we offer our parking lot striping and maintenance nationwide. One of our specialties is stenciling and painting, including handicapped-accessible parking spots. Whether you are a general contractor, a facility manager, or a property owner, you can count on us to get your parking lot is up to code.

Our handicapped space markings may include:

  • Handicap signage (such as the painting of wheelchairs)

  • Parking space striping

  • Handicap curb painting

  • Handicap ramp painting

  • Sign Installation


Constant changes with A.D.A parking codes create difficulty for property managers and property owners to know which requirements are needed to bring their disabled parking lot striping and accessibility to current compliance. However, maintaining disabled, or handicap, parking is very important for property owners and managers to avoid costly lawsuits. We can help you navigate through basic A.D.A parking lot striping compliance, including line painting, handicap sign installation, and truncated dome installations.

We possess the ability to stripe your handicap stalls to code and install the proper handicap signs to pass inspection. We have acquired valuable experience and helpful tools to complete A.D.A projects in a timely manner. Whether you have a handicap striping or ada sign issue we can assist you with information or reference to get the answers you need.